All the behaviour policies are under consultation with the governing body and school is currently reviewing a new Restorative Practice Approach to promote positive behaviour attitudes for all of our pupils 
The headteacher has joined a working party with the LA and is reviewing the best and most positive way to introduce a Restorative Practice Approach to school discipline.  A fully updated and reviewed suite of policies will be ready to implement in Spring 2023 to ensure a consistent and whole school approach for all pupils and parents.  
As a school community we look forward to a new and updated positive approach to working with our children and their families.  

Additional Information about Uniform: September 2022

  • All pupils are required to wear a uniform, including plain black trainers or shoes with no logo's on them, own one branded PE t-shirt and one branded red jumper - to wear out on school trips
  • Our uniform policy allows for summer and winter uniform, however no pupil will be discriminated against for wearing wither uniform at any time. 
  • The uniform list details all the options available - but red unbranded jumpers and blue unbranded polo shirts and white unbranded PE t-shirts are all permitted, except for where pupils are out on school trips, then a branded jumper and/or T-shirt is required. .  
  • Uniform is sold at no profit to school from Tots to Teams, and plain red jumpers, blue polo shirts and white t-shirts can be purchased from any supermarket.   
  • We have lots of free second-hand or almost new items in school available for families to come and have, just email the school office with a request for items and sizes.  
  • Please note that this does not mean that pupils can wear sports trainers , jumpers or t-shirts with sports logo's such as Nike or Adidas.  This change is to allow unbranded items and not a license for designer sportswear.
Paper copies of all of our policies are available on request