Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust Policies
All Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust Policies can be found at: https://www.bishopbewickcet.org/policies
St John Vianney Whole School Policies 
All school policies are regularly reviewed by staff and governors, wherever possible the most up to date version is available on the school website.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school office 01912672233 if you want to clarify anything.  
If you are looking for specific policies to do with: Safeguarding, Attendance, Curriculum or Admissions please go to those sections on the website. 
The policies in this section are all the additional statutory policies.  The statutory Policies are under review by the Governing Body in January 2024.
If you need any help to locate a school policy please do not hesitate to ring the school office 01912672233 and speak to Mrs McDine, the School Business Manager.  
St John Vianney does not hold any Biometric information of any children or adults in school.  

Additional Information about Uniform: September 2022

  • All pupils are required to wear a uniform, including plain black trainers or shoes with no logo's on them, own one branded PE t-shirt and one branded red jumper - to wear out on school trips
  • Our uniform policy allows for summer and winter uniform, however no pupil will be discriminated against for wearing wither uniform at any time. 
  • The uniform list details all the options available - but red unbranded jumpers and blue unbranded polo shirts and white unbranded PE t-shirts are all permitted, except for where pupils are out on school trips, then a branded jumper and/or T-shirt is required. .  
  • Uniform is sold at no profit to school from Tots to Teams, and plain red jumpers, blue polo shirts and white t-shirts can be purchased from any supermarket.   
  • We have lots of free second-hand or almost new items in school available for families to come and have, just email the school office with a request for items and sizes.  
  • Please note that this does not mean that pupils can wear sports trainers , jumpers or t-shirts with sports logo's such as Nike or Adidas.  This change is to allow unbranded items and not a license for designer sportswear.
Paper copies of all of our policies are available on request from the school office 0191 267 2233