Curriculum Overview

Our School Curriculum

We are proud of the rich and diverse curriculum we have designed so that everyone has access the Early Years Curriculum and National Curriculum programme of study which supports a strong understanding of self, confidence and the strategies and learning tools needed to be a life ling LEARNER.  

Due the organisation of our school the curriculum for every subject has been individually considered and planned.  Pupils learning needs, curriculum sequencing and content coverage have all been thought through in tandem with our local context.   

Some pupils may need the curriculum to be adapted in order to access the curriculum, guidance for this is taken from their support plans and EHCPs.  If you need personal feedback on how this may relate to your child please do not hesitate to contact school and speak to the school SENDCo - Mrs Watanabe.  


Curriculum Overview


All families, have been invited into the curriculum meetings at the start of each academic year. 


Phonics Information – At St John Vianney we use Unlocking Letters and Sounds For further information please click here



Reading Scheme Information – Our main reading scheme for Rec - Y3 is Oxford reading tree supported by bespoke guided reading books written by Unlocking Letters and Sounds.  All books are fully aligned to our phonics teaching and all pupils are taught in the same way with absolute fidelity to the scheme.  As our children become more confident and capable readers, they choose books from the extended Oxford reading Tree library and finally they move on to become free readers able to select books from our class libraries and teacher recommendations.


Relationship, Sex and Health Education – Our policy can be found by in the policies section on this website.  We consulted parents and follow all statutory guidance.